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LoanShark is a cash/item loan management application for personal use.

When lending or borrowing money or items to/from people, you can conveniently keep track of who owes what and to whom by creating an entry of each loan in LoanShark.

You can promptly see the loans that are already due, keep track of payment history (partial loan payments) and also set reminders (alarms) to be triggered at a specific time.

If you want to request new features or report bugs, please leave a comment! You can also contact me on Google+.

– Loan money or items
– Set alarm reminders
– Payment history (partial payments)
– Add more debt to an outstanding loan
– Loan collaterals

Link to LoanShark in Google Play

Works with Android 4.0 and up. Developed on Nexus 4.



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16 Responses to “LoanShark”

  1. Georg says:

    HTC Desire
    GingerVillain 2.3
    Android Version 2.3.4
    Kernel: #872

    Since LoanShark V 1.05 I can’t open it any more.
    “The App LoanShark (fi.codeflow.loanshark) was closed. Try again.
    I like this App and I dont want to change to IOU, so I hope you can fix this Problem asap.

    So long, Georg

  2. Timo Hilden says:

    Thanks for the report, a fixed release is now available.

  3. Antoine Parker says:

    I like the app but I can’t read the lend page the words are the same color as the background how can I fix this

  4. maria munoz says:

    Good morning, I love this app!!! The only problem I have is that I cannot save the information. Is there any way to make a backup to my phone or export the information? Even if there is a cost for the app I would be willing to do it. That is the only reason why I was looking for a replacement but have not been able to find anything that compares to this excellent product. Please let me know. Thanks for a great APp!!

  5. Timo Hilden says:

    Hi! At the moment there is no backup functionality, but I’ve been thinking about writing a remote, network-based storing mechanism for user data. It would allow synchronization of loan data between devices (both between devices of a single user, and also between creditor and debtor if both are using LoanShark), and would also provide web browser access. Usage would of course be optional for users, so no functionality would be disabled by not taking this into use.

  6. kk says:

    Good!hope can security password to intro…and got alarm and backup…

  7. Damon says:

    I’d like to enter money that was due in the past. Sometimes things don’t make it into loan shark promptly.. Or until it’s past due already. Just a feature adjustment request.


  8. Sirio says:

    I found you very good app LoanShark and I tried it. It is very complete, specially because there is the section “Lend Item and Borrow Item” you are the only one that do it!
    So, as you ask suggest, I will give you two ideas to improve the app:
    1- When you are in “Manage Loan” page, it is very good that you can see the history when the borrower return the money step by step, but it will be useful too if we can see, in the headline, the amount of the initial Loan. Otherwise you couldn’t remember how many was the
    loan at the beginning.

    2- When you receive all the payment, in the first page, the string of this loan disappear completely. It’s a pity, because, even the loan is closed, it is useful to demonstrate at your friend (the debtor) his
    old debt ant it is closed.

    I hope that my suggestions are useful
    have a nice day.

  9. Rob says:

    I too am unable to read entries on the main screen due to the text being a similar shade of gray as the background, any fix for this? Motorola Atrix, Android 2.3..

  10. Halon330 says:

    I have a Droid razor max, sometimes the contacts for my loans change. Effects every loan. And is consistent across debtors. If loan a changes from friend a to friend b, then all loans to that friend change to same person. Nit sure yet what the trigger is. I know i have added contacts recently, but nit certain the error occurred at that time.

    Great app by the way. Has become very useful! Thanks!

  11. Timo Hildén says:

    Yes, this is a known bug. It’s because of the way Android handles contacts internally, and the fact that LoanShark doesn’t handle it very well (my bad). I’m currently in the process of rewriting LoanShark from scratch, but due to my other commitments it’ll take some time until it’s finished.

  12. Halon330 says:

    Just wanted to make aware. Thanks for the great free app!

  13. Daryl says:

    Great app, works as it should. I would like to see a few new features if possible though. The first is to allow loans to be kept after they have paid everything back, that is have people with a balance of $0. I find I often loan money to the same people multiple times so it’d be nice to not have to re-add them all the time.

    The second is to have people with a negative loan amount. I use your app to keep track of who owes me what for a weekly lotto game a group of us play and every so often a few people will pay me more than what they owe.

    Finally it’d be good to have a way to turn these features off as I can see they’d be inconvenient for some users.

    keep up the great work.

  14. Timo Hildén says:


    Thank you for your feedback. I’m currently quite busy and haven’t had much time to spend on LoanShark, but I’ve taken your suggestions into account, and I hope to be able to incorporate them into the next version of the app.

  15. tra says:

    Is there any way to back up your loan information just in case your cell crashs or I switch cell phone

  16. Timo Hildén says:

    Hi, automatic cloud backup there will be in the next version, once it’s finished. Hopefully not too long anymore :)

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