Mar 26

I’ve got a ticket to the Australian F1 GP held here in Melbourne this weekend. My seat is in the Jones stand, which is supposedly one of the best stands. The Brabham stand on the opposite side of the track would have seemed a little better, though. Anyway, my seat provides a close view of the cars (10-15 metres distance), and is in the first corner so there’s going to be plenty of action on Sunday.

The thing that would make the higher-row seats in the Brabham stand better is that the protective fence would not get in the way when taking pictures. It is almost useless to try to take photos from where I’m sitting. Then again, the cars look better on TV anyway than in my photos, so I’ve decided not to bother, at least for the most part.

One thing I have to say about the event is that there isn’t enough signs available that would help in determining where to go. Arriving on Thursday at gate 8, which is on the opposite side of the track, it took me a while to find the Jones stand. Once there, I had to wander around a bit as well pondering about the seat numbers that were way off the mark. Ultimately I asked a nice young lady where exactly my seat was, and found it.

On Thursday there wasn’t much interesting happening around the circuit. The more interesting events included V8 Supercars and Australian GT qualifying. Once the F1 cars hit the track on Friday, I lost the mild interest towards these two minor series. The cars in those series looked nice though.

I missed the first practice on Friday for the most part due to leaving from my hotel too late. While waiting for the second practice to start, I wandered around the circuit and took a shitload of photos of the various cars on display. There was also the car from the Back To The Future movie trilogy, a DeLorean. Don’t know if it was the real deal or a replica, though. Pictures are available on Picasa.

The McLarens took the first two places, with Hamilton first and Button second, while Kovalainen was on the 18th place. It rained a bit on a few occasions as well. I had risked it going there today without a raincoat, and it backfired a bit. Not too bad, though. Tomorrow should be better weather-wise.

All in all, it is pretty difficult to follow the action on the track because you really can’t see much from the screens, where the times are displayed. The screens should be at least twice as wide and high to be of any use. I don’t think that would be too unfeasible either with today’s technology. I think going to an F1 race is worth it only for the fanatics. For the rest of us, the best experience is right in front of television. I don’t think I’m going to attend an F1 race any time soon, and if I am, I’m definitely not going to purchase a full weekend ticket. Saturday (qualifying) and Sunday (race) will do more than well.

Oh and by the way, the smoke detector went off again tonight. This time I was toasting two slices of bread, and no smoke whatsoever was detectable by human senses. The hotel is bound to get some feedback.

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