Mar 17

Bondi Beach, Sydney

I decided to hit the famed Bondi Beach yesterday. I first had to spend about half an hour figuring out how exactly to get there (and how much it would cost), and finally found the 380/1/2 & 333 buses which go from Circular Quay to Bondi and back. They actually go farther than Bondi but they were just the perfect routes for me.

The arrival at the Bondi Beach presented me with a picturesque view (the photo’s from Google since I didn’t bring my camera.) I immediately recognized the beach from the numerous photographs I had seen while researching my trip to Australia, so there was no danger of not jumping off the bus at the right stop. There are actually three stops next to the beach, and a lot of passengers are hopping off at the beach, so one really can’t miss it.

Once there, the beach didn’t really seem like anything special. Then again, a beach is a beach is a beach. There were plenty of surfers giving it a go, and a bunch of sunbathers. It was a normal working day in the autumn so I guess the beach is usually more packed with people during weekends.

After getting a few sunburns courtesy of my unevenly spread sunscreen, I decided to go look for the bus stop in order to get back to my hotel. I also snatched a tasty sandwich from the local Subway once I was back at CBD. There’s a Subway in Oulu as well but I’ve never been there; this was in fact my first visit to a Subway ever.

On another note, I’ve found the hotel’s gym to be adequate for a traveler’s needs. Nothing fancy, several aerobic equipment like a treadmill, a stepper and a couple of exercise bikes. I pedal 30 mins in the morning and then do some push-ups and sit-ups. Keeps me from falling completely out of shape.

Today there were quite a lot of bats making lots of noise in the Royal Botanic Gardens. I could hear the shrieking from far away so I decided to check it out. It led me to a previously unexplored section of the gardens, which provided with several photo opportunities; unfortunately my camera was at the hotel.

Having been here in Sydney for 10 days now, it feels like it would be a good time to switch to Melbourne now. I’ve basically visited all the attractions I planned in advance. Shopping doesn’t interest me, and neither does the nightlife since I know absolutely no one here to go out with. On Sunday morning I’ll be off to Melbourne, where the F1 event is from Thursday to Sunday next week. I might take a boat trip to Tasmania while there as well, if I can find a decent deal.

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