Mar 10

Against all the best efforts of meteorologists, it was a bit drizzly today so I decided to visit the Sydney Aquarium located at the Darling Harbour. It was rather dark there so I was presented with a challenge of having my camera set properly in order to get some good shots. Eventually I had to discard most of the shots because of the lack of light and the fact that the fish decided not to respect my shooting efforts by not staying still.

At the end of the tour I purchased a couple of postcards and a bookmark from a rather conveniently located souvenir shop. Once out, I purchased a hamburger meal from a local outlet. I got a small, peculiar looking ketchup container with the meal, which I eventually managed to open with only small drips of ketchup on my white shirt. The hamburger was a letdown but at least the fries were the default stuff.

A set of shots is available at my Picasa album.

The weather forecast shows mostly sunny for tomorrow morning and afternoon, so assuming the actual weather will reflect this, I’m planning to revisit the Royal Botanic Gardens again. Another visit I’m planning for a sunny day is a trip to the Taronga Zoo.

By the way, I’m using a prepaid mobile broadband from a company called 3. Works decently and the recharges are not that expensive compared to alternatives. A 4GB recharge is $49. Once I get home I plan to upload bigger versions of the photos in my Picasa album; 1024×768 will have to suffice for now.

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