Mar 09

Visited the Royal Botanic Gardens here at Sydney. I know nothing about horticulture but one doesn’t have to in order to be able to appreciate the impressive views. I was able to put the circular polarization filter on my Nikon D90 into good use on the bright sunny day. Pictures are available at Picasa.

I hadn’t eaten much before going to the gardens in the morning so I eventually had to cut my visit short after exploring only about a third of the gardens. I plan to go back there as soon as the weather improves again. It’s overcast right now, and it rained a bit a while ago.

One notable thing to mention is that as the traffic here in Australia is left-sided, the pedestrians tend to flock to the left side of the pavement as well. Coming from a country with right-sided traffic it was a bit weird at first. Apparently the local law doesn’t state on which side of the road you are supposed to walk, but people generally seem to stick to the left side.

Another thing is that the pedestrians here don’t seem to respect red lights that much either. You can tell a local from their tendency to cross the road whenever they deem it to be safe. There’s quite a bit of traffic here and the cars aren’t driving too slowly either, so sometimes it looks a bit calamitous.

When crossing a road the traffic light for pedestrians is first green but changes to a blinking red almost immediately afterwards. I guess it is safe to start crossing the street during a green light, but when the light starts to blink it may be too late. Sometimes the blinking phase will take quite a bit of time, so I tend to follow the locals when analysing if it’s safe to cross the street or not.

I’m planning to visit the Sydney Aquarium today, since it seems that the sky will be overcast for the better part of the day, with a small chance for rain.

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