Mar 08

I embarked on a long planned trip to Australia in the morning of 6th of March. I first traveled to Helsinki by a train (5.5 hours) and then took a plane to London (2.5 hours).

Heathrow (terminal 3) was unsurprisingly busy with people all over the world coming and going. For the first time in my life I was in a place where I could hear people talk impeccable English. It was kind of like being in a British TV series or a movie or something.

My next flight to Bangkok left in about three hours after arriving at Heathrow. It was a Boeing 747-400 plane. The economy class seats were narrow and there was not much legroom to speak of. The worst part was that I just wasn’t able to sleep sitting upright, and the seats didn’t allow much recline either. The armrests were narrow and shared with the neighbouring passengers, which didn’t help either.

I arrived at Sydney in the morning of 8th of March. My check-in was at 2pm so I had to kill some 7 hours before being able to properly rest. After I finally got into my room I slept for 5 hours, waking up at about 9pm local time.

Now being the third day here I’m a bit surprised at how easy it has been for me to adjust to the 9 hour time difference. They say that jet lag is harder to cope with when traveling eastwards. For me it was especially challenging because I hadn’t slept properly for about 36 hours. I almost fell asleep while sitting upright shortly before I was able to check in to my room.

I took a few photos while wandering around Sydney on the first day. They’re available on Picasa.

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